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Heat recovery ventilation systems are the controllable and efficient answer to many problems in a tightly sealed modern home. Families create water vapour by showering cooking washing and breathing. In highly insulated and sealed modern homes this moisture must be extracted to prevent damage to the fabric of the building from condensation and mould. But this is not all, the inhabitants will also suffer as the air quality will be poor and CO2 levels unacceptably high for a healthy living environment. The high humidity levels provide an excellent environment for dust mites which can increase the likelihood of asthma and other bronchial conditions.

Not only does the lack of ventilation cause unpleasant smells to linger, but it potentially it can cause a build-up of potentially toxic gases from burning fuel and synthetic materials in furniture and carpets, paints or cleaning products.

The Ubbink Heat Recovery Ventilation unit is a whole house ventilation system capable of recovering up to 95% of the heat from the extracted stale air using a counter flow heat exchanger and transferring it into the incoming fresh air so there is little loss of our expensively produced heat. The incoming air is filtered to reduce the incidence of pollen and dust while the outgoing air is filtered to protect the heat exchanger and internal components. This constant air change through the whole house can control the build up of condensation.

Our standard units range in duty from 70 m3/hr up to 18,000 m3/hr with other bespoke sizes available.
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