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Delivering the robust power and features you would expect of higher priced systems, Essentia is the first multi-room audio system to earn the Energy Star logo.
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Six Sound Sources, Six Listening Zones

The Essentia delivers the startlingly clear sound of NuVo from up to six different sources, and to six different listening zones in the house. It’s diverse, expandable, and surprisingly affordable. And now, Essentia is the first whole home audio system to earn the Energy Star logo – consuming less than 1 watt of power while in standby mode.

Essentia E6G includes a stunning new control pad interface, with OLED display providing full metadata feedback. Coplanar buttons provide a smooth, clean finish with the overall polycarbonate surface, making the entire control pad water-resistant.

Utilizing the same NuVoNet interface as Grand Concerto to provide full data feedback from any NuVo source unit, the Essentia Suite is a harmonious solution that’s simple to install and afford.

Essentia features Philips Class D digital audio amplification to deliver clear, precise sound throughout your home, which adds energy efficiency while running. It’s like no other multi-source system on the market.

Essentia’s RS-232 bidirectional control interface allows it to be controlled from most home automation systems – just one of the many features that make Essentia an incredible value in today’s home audio market.

NuVo systems come complete with all necessary components for installation, including keypads. All that’s needed are speakers, wire, and audio source equipment, and you can enjoy the power of Essentia in no time.

Essentia V.2 Features

- Six audio source inputs for multi-source capability, and up to six zones of music (expandable to twelve zones)
- 40 watts of power per zone for high-quality sound
- Generation D digital amplifi er for cooler operation and higher power output
- RS-232 serial port for home automation integration
- Built-in infrared receiver that blocks adverse interference of plasma displays, sunlight, or fluorescent lighting
- Fixed and variable line outputs for use with external higher power amplifiers when additional power is needed
- NEW keypad with convenient front-end control for equalization settings, source grouping, master mode, and volume reset
- NEW Learning Remote for control of up to six additional devices
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