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When people read about home automation they think “that’s not for me, its only for the rich”. Well nothing could be further from the truth! Introducing Qbus, the very affordable home control solution. The following is a brief list of common misconceptions people have about home automation:
Its very expensive!
Nonsense! A Qbus home control system can be installed for LESS than the cost of a conventional house wiring system depending on the application.
Its very complicated to operate!
Again, nothing could be further from the truth! Its no more difficult then turning on an ordinary light switch.
What if I alter my house? It will cost a fortune to expand the system!
Again not so! Qbus functionality is so easy to upgrade, expand and modify.

In the Morning
Synchronised with your alarm, your house awakens you gently. Lights turn on to preset brightness and the shutters unwind to let just enough light to suit your comfort. The towel warmer goes on and the temperature level is adjusted to your morning activitiy.

During the Day
Want to check on your home? Or control it while you are out shopping or at work? Send an sms or get on the internet. Check your security system status anytime, anywhere. Activate or deactivate tasks: the shutters, oven or the garden sprinkler.

Returning Home
Relax for a while after a stressful day at work. Hit the relax mode on your remote. Control the
ambience to suit your mood, with just the right amount of light and some relaxing music.

Enjoy the Evening
Planning a party and dinner with friends or a movie night? Create the perfect ambience for each scenario using your stylish touch screen. Pre-programmed scenarios suit your lifestyle in terms of light, climate and curtains.

Time for Bed
Simply press your ‘goodnight button’ on your remote or the switch next to your bed. All lights will fade to off. Your security system is activated. All shutters go to their predefined night positions. You can sleep like a baby while the house watches over you.

Saving Energy
•Light dependent lamp
brightness control

•Event-based climate control
 Presence-based lighting,
with preset brightness levels

•Load shifting (e.g. washing) to off-peak times
• Visualize energy usage and control consumption

So why Install it?
Firstly you can control a lot more than just your lighting. You can control your heating, blinds, curtains, windows, pumps, alarm, and basically anything in your home which requires power to operate!
Imagine being able to leave your home and with the press of one button, be absolutely assured that your alarm is set, and that everything in the house has been turned off. No more driving away wondering: “Did I turn off the cooker?”
“Did I turn off the TV in the living room?”
“Did I switch off the light in the bathroom?”
“Is the Iron unplugged?”
“Is the heating turned off?”

Going on Holiday?
Qbus has a built in holiday mode that can turn on and off various lights around your home each evening to give that lived in look. If you want you can even log into your home via the internet to see first hand what's going on!

Now imagine everybody's worst nightmare.
You wake in the middle of the night because you can smell smoke. With a Qbus home control system you can have a dedicated switch at your bedside which with one press, will instantly turn on every light in your home both inside and outside. This can also be connected to your alarm system and be activated automatically. This simple feature alone could mean the difference between life and death.

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